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The first auto-translation webcam roulette!

Time to launch:


Glogab Now Live!!!

Web Application Features

Make friends, learn a language, discover a culture, and maybe find love.

Multilingual Capabilities

We’ve eliminated the language barrier by implementing a state-of-the-art, auto-translation feature; subsequently, enabling seamless communication in every user’s respective language.

Global Accessibility

The world is your oyster! Interact and communicate with anyone around the world by choosing a location on the globe. With the click of a button, you’re instantly paired with random users looking to gab.

Build Connections

Without language or location restrictions, you are now able to interact wherever you want and with whoever you meet. Retain your connections and add them to your friends’ list to reconvene in the future!

Discover New Cultures

Let’s face it, traveling is expensive; however, experiencing new cultures is now effortless and free! Users participating in this webcam roulette have the ability to explore languages and cultures around the world at their fingertips.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most popular questions we have received, please contact us if you have any other questions not listed below.

Glogab is a chat/video roulette system that connects you to people around the world. (With Translation)
Simply go to the website (Upon Launch), choose the country of interest, and it will automatically put you in a chat with the next available person.
We are launching our first phase on earth day! April 22nd, 2022 .
We are using Google's realtime translation AI along with other various API systems to provide some of the best translations in the market.
Yes, we do not store any sensitive data, along with masking your IP address to ensure that you are safe. Normal Internet safety precautions should still remain.
Please contact us using the form below to learn more.
Yes you can add people that you chat with randomly to your friendslist, along with searching for them via email.
Yes you can report them and block them!

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